Italian high quality products


at a good price



Complete food, the perfect mix of nutrients, proteins, and precious minerals and the particular combination of vitamins promote: healthy growth and proper, the natural brilliance of the colors, a strong immune system and great vitality



Water Conditioner


They improve the water eliminating unwanted or harmful elements and bringing the useful substances for the health of fish





Accurate and professional, they are very effective to determine the values ​​present in the aquarium and make the water safe for fish



Fertilizer and AntiAlgae


They create the best conditions to have beautiful and healthy plants




Accessories for Plants


Scissors, Tweezers, Algae scraper






CO2 Systems


Complete Systems for the diffusion of CO2, which makes the plants luxuriant and stabilizes pH and KH on optimal levels





Sea water Aquarium


Products and accessories for Sea Water Aquarium










Improve the living conditions in all the ponds, they are effective and easy to use








Products and accessories for Tutles






Absorbing Materials


Highly specialized products for the removal of NO2/NO2, PO4, SiO2 in freshwater or seawater aquariums





Filtering Materials







Reverse Osmosis System


The reverse osmosis systems are equipped with high-quality components; thanks to that, they remove from the water the dissolved salts and represent an insurmountable barrier for organic substances, micro-pollutants, pesticides, bacteria and viruses.






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