CO2 Spare Parts and Accessories

CO2 - 20 tabs


These effervescent tablets release carbon dioxide and nutrients.


They supplement normal nourishment to ensure vigorous and luxuriant plant life.

With regular use, they effectively replace any systems in small aquariums using tanks or reagents.

To determine correct use (quantity and frequency) the CO2 Test Aquili must be placed in the aquarium.

1 tablet per 30/50 litres - 1/2 times per week



Brass Solenoid Valve


The solenoid valve is used to automate the CO2 diffusion, in fact, by connecting  to a timer it may proceed alone.
The solenoid valve, with excellent characteristics of functionality, has a power consumption of 3.5 W only, which makes it suitable to be inserted inside the tank.
The product is supplied complete with connector, wire, plug and fittings.



Aluminum Solenoid Valve

Wire with Italian plug

Wire with Shuko plug


Reducer-Solenoid Valve

Quick fitting

Pressur Reducer with 2 gauges




Pressure Reducer with solenoid valve

already assembled





Pressure Reducer for

Rechargeable Cylinder





Pressure Reducer with High pressure gauge



Pressure Reducer low pressure gauge




Pressur Reducer without gauge




Pressure Reducer - Data Sheet

Single flow regulator

Plastic check valve

Steel check valve

Plastic diffuser

Mini reactor with recircle pump

Base Diffuser

Nano Diffuser

Triangular Diffuser

Corner Diffuser


cm 1

cm 2

cm 3

cm 5

Pollen Diffuser

Set Bubble counter + Check valve

Glass Check Valve

Glass bubble Counter

Glass measurement bulb


Ceramic Diffusor


Regulator thread 5/8 / disposable cylinder 10x1

Disposable Cylinder


gr. 500 Standard thread 10x1

gr. 200 Standard thread 10x1

gr. 500 thread 11x1,5

Rechargeable Cylinder

kg 0,50 

kg 2,00 

kg 6,00


Foot for Rec. Cylinder gr 500

Adaptor for Rechargeable cylinder:

Reducer 10x1 / Rec. Cylinder

Reducer 11x1,5 / Rec. Cylinder

Reducer 11x1,5 / Disp. Cylinder 10x1



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