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Coral Vitamins & AminoAcids


Coral Vitamin is a complete multivitamin that provides all the vitamins, which are essential for the normal functioning of biological processes, and it is a nutritional supplement that contains all the amino acids (which are the basic blocks of proteins), including the essential one that are not synthesized by fish and marine invertebrates.


Vitamins and amino acids are essential to the life of fish, sea plants and sea invertebrates. Vitamins contained in

water and food are often insufficient and the living organisms in the aquarium are not able to produce the

amino acids. Coral Vitamin & Ammino Acids brings a balanced and correct quantity of these substances, which are

essential for a beautiful and healthy aquarium.


Vitamine - A – D – E – C – B1 – B2 – B3 – B5 – B6 – B12 – Folic Acid – Biotin

Aminoacids – 20 different types – Iodine


ml 125

ml 250




Phosphat Minus


Remove phosphates from fresh and sea water

1 liter absorbs 10.000 mg of phosphorus



The presence of phosphates in aquariums is due to the decomposition of food, leaves and other organic substances. Phosphates are very important and they are not harmful but only if they are present in very small quantities.

An increase in the concentration of phosphates causes algae growth in fresh water and stops calcium production in sea water. The phosphate concentration is very low in non-polluted natural water, but in order to have the same concentration in aquariums it is essential to use specific products which reduce the level of PO4.

The recommended levels of PO4 are not higher than 0,1 – 0,3 mg/l, the recommended concentration in sea water is lower than 0,015 mg/l. It is possible to have the recommended levels by using Phosphat – Minus, a new adsorbing material for the removal of phosphates. Phosphat – Minus bonds large quantities of PO4 without interfering negatively with the water in the aquarium.

Phosphat – Minus

  • It can be used in both sea and freshwater aquariums,
  • It bonds phosphates stably without releasing any substance once saturation is reached,
  • It does not cause problems for susceptible fish or invertebrates.
  • It can be inserted into the main filter as last layer, or into a separate slow circulation filter.

Dosage – with 1mg/l of phosphates

300 ml              500 – 1000 l of fresh water or 250 – 500 l of sea water

500 ml              1000 – 2000 l of fresh water or 500 – 1000 l of sea water

1000 ml                        2000 – 4000 l of fresh water or 1000 – 2000 l of sea water

The efficacy of the product in aquariums varies according to the concentration of phosphates in water, which can be determined by using a reliable PO4 test .(Aquili PO4 Test).

Phosphat – Minus can work in aquariums for several months according to the concentration of phosphates, but in aquariums in which the concentration of PO4 has been high for a long time, large quantities of phosphates may have bonded to the decorations and the bottom.        


ml 150

ml 250

ml 500

ml 1000




PO4 - NO3 Removal S


Remove phosphates and nitrates from sea water

1 liter removes about 25.000 mg of phosphate and nitrates


Phosphates (nitrates) are very important elements for feeding plants, but only in very small quantities, an over-dose of them can cause algae problems, indeed, it can help their development, troubling the water, covering the glass, the decorations, the gravel and even the plants. In a sea water aquarium, phosphates reduce the quantity of calcium and magnesium needed of the coral growth and other marine invertebrates.

Phosphates (nitrates) come from tap water, from the decomposition of organic waste and food.

“NO3 – PO4 Removal S” removes phosphates (nitrates) easily and safely, with a long lasting effect.

“NO3 – PO4 Removal S” is a very effective, filtering substance suitable for removing phosphates (nitrates). Its structure allows the water to flow smoothly and its exceptional porosity (320m2/g) has a strong absorbing capacity.


  • It quickly frees the aquarium from the pollution created by phosphates (nitrates).
  • It vigorously fights against the growth of algae and the proliferation of DIATOMEE.
  • It prevents calcium from falling.
  • It helps the growth of corals, marine invertebrates and plants.
  • It makes the water clear.
  • The aquarium requires less maintenance.
  • 500 ml of product removes about 12 – 13.000 mg of phosphates, with concentrations up to 20- 60 mg/l.
  • It can be used discontinuously or regularly with no risk of retention of part of the phosphates absorbed, it works for 3 / 4 months (according to the aquarium dimensions and the pollution degree).
  • It is ideal for sea water aquariums, it can be used in fresh water, too.


ml 150

ml 250

ml 500

ml 1000




Zeolite - Ammonium Minus


Removes ammonium from fresh and sea water


Granulated material composed of first quality, highly porous chabasite rock, in great demand for its markedly selective CATION absorbing properties.

This product is particularly versatile and can perform the following tasks in the aquarium:

  • Mechanical filtering – the external structure favours the deposition of suspended particles.
  • Biological filtering – its internal micro-porous structure, having a high surface area and uniform pores with one or more sizes, helps the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria and the reduction of the nitrogenous compounds level.
  • Absorbing filtering – its chemical nature favours a selective absorption of all toxic substances, such as, ammonia, ammonium, sulphates, as well as heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, gas and unpleasant smells.

It can be used in both sea water and fresh water aquariums, it can be positioned either as a filtering complement or as main mass; it is ideal for external filters too.

Thanks to its versatility as filtering material, it is particularly suitable for goldfish basins and in presence of highly polluting aquatic animals, such as turtles.

1 liter of AMMONIUM PLUS is enough for ponds up to 200 liters.

It is active for about 4 months in fresh water and 2 in sea water aquariums.


ml 300

ml 500

ml 1000



Bacterium E Plus


Bacterium E Plus has the same characteristics as the Bacterium E (decomposition of NH3 NO2 NO3), but, at the same time, is truly innovative because it is the first biological activator that works effectively on Phosphates, both in fresh and salt water aquariums.


All laboratory tests have shown the effectiveness in all conditions and with any kind of aquarium. The results are striking and immediately verifiable within 24 hours of introducing Bacterium E Plus into your aquarium.


Bacterium E Plus is a Biological Activator that:

-  Provides fast activation of the biological filter.

-  Activates and accelerates the decomposition of the nitrogen compounds - ammonia (NH3), nitrites (NO2)and nitrates (NO3) - and phosphates (PO4)

-  With its selective and antagonist action, it reduces the risk of diseases and fights algae.

-  Restores bacterial flora.

-  Is effective even in fresh and salt water aquariums.


Each pack of Bacterium E Plus contains 12 capsules of 1 g. and one capsule is enough for aquariums up to 150 litres (for smaller aquariums still use 1 capsule because there is no risk of overdose).


Bacterium E - 12 capsules


Biological Activator 


  • It ensures a quick biological activation of the filter
  • It activates and speeds up the decomposition of nitrogenous compounds – ammonia, nitrites and nitrates
  • Through its selective and antagonistic action the risk of disease and the growth of marine algae in fresh and saltwater are reduced
  • It restores bacterial flora


Enzymes - 12 capsules


Concentrated blend of enzymes, with selected and highly active strains


Enzymes are biological catalysts which speed up chemical reactions among molecules and reduce the activation energy.

Enzyme, a concentrated and selected blend of enzymes, increases the rate of biological reactions and in particular it assists and accelerates bacteria reactions.

Combined with Bacterium E biological activator, which is also a blend of bacteria and enzymes,

Enzyme enhances its performance.


Use Enzyme for:

• Aquariums and new systems – it helps attaining the optimal conditions for the filtering system.

• Aquariums with high pollution levels caused by biological overload – it quickly reduces

       pollution levels by helping the bacterial action.

• Skimmers – it quickly and visibly increases their effectiveness.


Dose: 1 tab for 100 liters




Tropical Fish Flakes


Aquili Tropical Flakes is the complete staple food, ideal for all types of aquarium fish


It does not cloud the water

Containing five different types of flakes it is ideal for a healthy, balanced diet.

The perfect blend of nutriments, proteins, minerals and the special combination of vitamins ensure:

  • healthy development and growth;
  • natural vibrant coloration;
  • strong immune system;
  • increased vitality.


Composition: fish and fish by-products, cereals, yeasts, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, vegetable by-products, algae.



Protein: 40%             Fat: 4%             Fibre: 3%             Ash: 6,5%


Nutritional additives /kg

Vitamin A: 30000 IU; Vit D3 2000 IU ; Vit. E 150mg; Vit. C 50mg



100 ml - 20 g    

250 ml - 50 g




Water Conditioner


The water conditioner works immediately, turning the tap water into water suitable for the life of fish.

• It permanently binds heavy metals

• It neutralises chlorine

• It protects with colloidal substances the sensitive parts of fish

• It adds iodine, magnesium and all the vitamins of the B group.


ml 125

ml 250

ml 2000




Ph + Minerals


  • To control the increasing of pH and KH                         
  • To bring all the trace elements
  • Efficient, simple and accurate
  • For Freshwater and seawater aquarium


Minerals increases carbonatic hardness (KH) to ideal values and it also increases the pH value, which is determined by the KH and the amount of CO2 in the water.

Only by varying the KH it is possible to permanently affect the pH value (with a stable CO2 value).

Minerals enriches the water with mineral salts and the essential trace elements.

It can be used both in the seawater and in the freshwater aquariums


Minerals is good for all kinds of freshwater aquariums, particularly good for African cichlidsaquariums, where the increase of the KH, and consequently of the PH – about 10-15° dKH, pH 7.5-8.5 – is important to create the optimal conditions that exist in nature.

In saltwater aquariums, it is extremely useful to balance the precipitation of KH (KH lower than 7° dKH) and raise it to 8-10°dKH, which is the optimal value.

It brings all the essential trace elements to the seawater.



How Mineral works

  • It constantly controls the increase of the KH, and consequently of the pH, and it brings it to the desired values. In freshwater aquariums the KH shouldn’t fall under 2-4° dKH
  • It increases the pH value to over 7.5 in the freshwater
  • It compensates the sudden drops in KH caused by the nitrification process in very crowded aquariums
  • It balances the precipitations of KH (KH lower than 7° dKH) and brings the value back to 8-10°dKH, which is the optimal value.
  • A higher KH improves the blotter effect of water and prevents dangerous oscillations of pH
  • Effective in case of sudden lowerings of the pH value (KH of 0° dKH and pH lower than 5), as it quickly brings the KH back to a minimal value of 2-4° d KH
  • It is a delicate treatment, which damages neither fish nor plants


QUANTITIES: 5 gr in 100 litres every 2-3 days (a full cap) produce a carbonatic hardness (KH) of 0.6° dKH.

(total hardness 1.3 dGH)

We suggest to dissolve Minerals in a container with some water from the aquarium

The addition of a considerable amount of Minerals could prevent the dissolution of a small part of the added salts


ml 100

ml 200




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