Improve the living conditions in all the ponds, they are effective and easy to use


Water Conditioner Pond


The water conditioner for POND, specifically designed for low temperatures, works immediately, turning the tap water into water suitable for the life of fish.


  • It permanently bonds heavy metals
  • It neutralises chlorine
  • It protects with colloidal substances the sensitive parts of fish
  • It adds iodine, magnesium and all the vitamins of the B group.



Light Water Pond 


Clarifier & Phosphate Controller


Makes pond water clear and bright as it binds the particles in suspension, both mecanic and organic. Light Water Pond combining them and making them fall allow to the filter to remove them. It is immediatly effective, the results are visible in few hours. Use only with values more than 2 d° KH. Leave at least 48 hours between one use and one other.




AntiAlgae Pond


Thanks to its unique composition AntiAlgae eliminates algae quickly and efficiently.

It inhibits the growth of every kind of algae on contact and without harming plants.

Instructions for use

  • Shake well before using. Recommended dose is 10ml (1 cap) per 200 litres.
  • Before and after treatment, physically remove dead algae as it is quite harmful.
  • Ensure that the water has the highest oxygen level possible.
  • Based on the type of algae and the composition of the water, AntiAlgae will have maximum effect after 1-6 weeks.
  • Repeat treatment after 10 days if the algae problem is very serious.


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