Products and accessories for Tutles


Water conditioner for Turtles


The water conditioner works immediately, turning the tap water into water suitable for turtles.

• It permanently binds heavy metals

• It neutralises chlorine

• It protects with colloidal substances the sensitive parts of fish

• It adds iodine, magnesium and vitamins B – A – D and Calcium.


ml 125

ml 250




MultiVitaminic & AminoAcids


Vitamins and amino acids are essential to the life of turtles, but vitamins contained in water and food are often insufficient and the turtles are not able to produce the amino acids.

MultiVitaminic & AmminoAcids brings a balanced and correct quantity of these substances, which are essential for beautiful and healthy turtles.



Vitamine - A – D – E – C – B1 – B2 – B3 – B5 – B6 – B12 – Folic Acid – Biotin

Aminoacids – 20 different types – Iodine


ml 125

ml 250






Aquili Gammarus is the complete staple food, ideal for all aquatic turtles and carnivorous fishes; with a high calcium content (6%) essential to the diet of turtles.
Dried shrimp are a very nutritious food, with a high content of protein and fat that

ensure: healthy development and growth - strong immune system - increased vitality.

Accurate methods of drying, storage and packaging maintain unchanged its natural properties.

Feeding recommendation: daily in several small portions. Best before: see stamp. Store in a cool, dry place. Filling level determined by process.


Analysis (%)

Protein:  45-48 %  -  Fat: 10%  -  Fibre: 4,5%  -  Ash: 20% - Humidity 10%

Composition: natural food composed of freshwater crustaceans


ml 100

ml 250




Zeolite - Ammonium Minus


The product is suitable for mechanical - biological – absorbent filtration.
It can be used in the filter or as bottom material.

Removes ammonium from fresh and sea water


Granulated material composed of first quality, highly porous chabasite rock, in great demand for its markedly selective CATION absorbing properties.

This product is particularly versatile and can perform the following tasks in the aquarium:

  • Mechanical filtering – the external structure favours the deposition of suspended particles.
  • Biological filtering – its internal micro-porous structure, having a high surface area and uniform pores with one or more sizes, helps the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria and the reduction of the nitrogenous compounds level.
  • Absorbing filtering – its chemical nature favours a selective absorption of all toxic substances, such as, ammonia, ammonium, sulphates, as well as heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxins, gas and unpleasant smells.

It can be used in both sea water and fresh water aquariums, it can be positioned either as a filtering complement or as main mass; it is ideal for external filters too.

Thanks to its versatility as filtering material, it is particularly suitable for goldfish basins and in presence of highly polluting aquatic animals, such as turtles.

1 liter of AMMONIUM PLUS is enough for ponds up to 200 liters.

It is active for about 4 months in fresh water and 2 in sea water aquariums.


ml 250

ml 500

ml 1000



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